Who do you trust on the European Union?

Rather than argue the points for and against the European Union here, I thought I’d have a look at who has declared support for each side – political parties, businesses, celebrities etc.

(note: lists are not comprehensive)


UK Political Parties

Of course, there are likely to be varying views within all political parties on the subject of the European Union, but most parties have taken an official line on the matter. All of the following parties have officially decided to back remaining within the European Union.

  • Labour Party
  • Liberal Democrats
  • Green Party of England and Wales
  • Scottish National Party
  • Plaid Cymru

Political Figures

  • David Cameron – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Conservative)[The Guardian]
  • Jeremy Corbyn – Leader of the Labour Party and HM Opposition[The Guardian]
  • Tim Farron – Leader of the Liberal Democrats[Huffington Post]
  • Tony Blair – former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Labour)[The Telegraph]
  • Sadiq Khan – Mayor of London[ITV]
  • Gordon Brown – former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Labour)[The Mirror]
  • John Major – former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Conservative)[The Spectator]
  • Barack Obama – President of the United States[BBC News]
  • Bill Clinton – Former President of the United States [The Telegraph]
  • Hillary Clinton – Candidate for the US Democratic Presidential nomination[The Guardian]
  • Bernie Sanders – Candidate for the US Democratic Presidential nomination [Huffington Post]
  • John Kerry – Secretary of State of the United States[The Guardian]
  • Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada[The Guardian]
  • Malcolm Turnbull – Prime Minister of Australia[BBC News]
  • François Hollande – President of France[Economic Times]
  • Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany[The Independent]
  • Enda Kenny – Prime Minister of Ireland [The Telegraph]
  • Xi Jinping – President of the People’s Republic of China[Financial Times]
  • John Key – Prime Minister of New Zealand[BBC News]
  • Yanis Varoufakis – former Greek finance minister [yanisvaroufakis.eu]
  • John McCain – US Senator and Republican Presidential candidate in 2008 [The Times]
  • Kofi Annan – former Secretary-General of the United Nations [IB Times]

Countries and Organisations


  • Airbus – one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, producers of the largest passenger plane ever built. All wings of Airbus’ civilian aircraft are built in the UK[Reuters]
  • ASDA – a subsidiary of Walmart, ASDA is the second largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom[The Courier]
  • BAE Systems – the third largest defence contractor on Earth in 2015, BAE Systems employ over 33,000 people in the UK and are currently working on the F-35 Lightning II, the Astute class attack submarines, the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers and the Eurofighter Typhoon[The Telegraph]
  • BT – telecommunications company who also own the EE mobile network, the internet service provider Plusnet, as well as Openreach (who in turn own and manage the UK’s broadband and telephone cables)[BBC News]
  • BMW (inc Mini and Rolls Royce) – German vehicle manufacturer, noted by Forbes.com in 2012 as the “most reputable company in the world”[BBC News]
  • Bombardier – biggest employer in the manufacturing sector of Northern Ireland [BBC News]
  • EasyJet – a low cost airline that has beaten even British Airways to attain the title of the second largest airline in Europe by passenger numbers[The Mirror]
  • Gatwick Airport – the second largest airport in the United Kingdom[Sky News]
  • Heathrow Airport – the largest airport in the United Kingdom[Sky News]
  • Marks and Spencer – British retailer with other 1100 stores worldwide[BBC News]
  • Nissan – Japanese vehicle manufacturer with a significant UK division, employing upwards of 7000 people and building over half a million cars per year[Financial Times]
  • Toyota – Japanese vehicle manufacturer also with a significant UK division, 3800 employees produce up to one car every 60 seconds at the Toyota factory in Derbyshire[The Guardian]
  • Vodafone – the second largest mobile telecommunications company in the world[The Courier]

Non-political figures (…mostly)

  • Alan Sugar – founder of Amstrad, well known for starring in the TV series The Apprentice. Also a crossbench (formerly Labour) member of the House of Lords[City AM]
  • Richard Branson – founder of Virgin[The Independent]
  • Karren Brady – vice-chairman of West Ham United football club, also known for featuring as an aide to Alan Sugar in The Apprentice. Conservative life peer in the House of Lords since 2014[The Guardian]
  • Michael O’Leary – CEO of Ryanair, the largest airline in the world by passengers carried[Sky News]
  • Robert Winston – renowned scientist and surgeon, also a Labour peer in the House of Lords[BBC News]
  • Deborah Meaden – businesswoman famous for appearing in the TV series Dragon’s Den[Twitter]
  • Stephen Hawking – world renowned theoretical physicist [Wired]
  • Rowan Williams – former Archbishop of Canterbury[Premier.org.uk]
  • Simon Cowell – reality TV judge, film/TV/music producer[Mirror]
  • Sir Ian McKellen – distinguished British actor[Britain Stronger in Europe]
  • Jeremy Clarkson – British TV presenter, famous for Top Gear[Huffington Post]
  • James May – British TV presenter, famous for Top Gear[YouTube]
  • Emma Thompson – British actress[Guardian]
  • British entertainment figures (selection, more listed here)
    • Benedict Cumberbatch
    • Bill Nighy
    • Brian Blessed
    • Danny Boyle
    • Sir Derek Jacobi
    • Dominic West
    • Eddie Izzard
    • Helena Bonham Carter
    • Jo Brand
    • Sir John Hurt
    • Jude Law
    • Keira Knightley
    • Michael Morpurgo
    • Paloma Faith
    • Sir Patrick Stewart
    • Richard Curtis
    • Sandi Toksvig
    • Steve Coogan
    • Thandie Newton
  • Ruth Jones – British actress and writer [Welsh Labour]
  • David Mitchell – British writer, actor and comedian [Guardian]
  • Brian Cox – Physicist and TV Presenter [Twitter]
  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee – inventor of the World Wide Web [IB Times]
  • Chris Lintott – Professor of Astrophysics at Oxford University, TV presenter on The Sky At Night and Stargazing Live [Twitter]



UK Political Parties

  • UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  • British National Party (BNP)
  • Respect Party
  • Britain First
  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

Political Figures

  • Nigel Farage – leader of UKIP (do I really need to source that? ;))
  • George Galloway – leader of the Respect Party[Respect Party]
  • Boris Johnson – Former Mayor of London (Conservative)[The Guardian]
  • Zac Goldsmith – Conservative candidate for the London Mayoral Elections 2016[Politics Home]
  • Michael Gove – UK Secretary of State for Justice (Conservative)[BBC News]
  • Ian Duncan Smith – Former UK Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (Conservative)[The Independent]
  • Donald Trump – Presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States[BBC News]
  • Marine Le Pen – leader of the National Front (France)[The Telegraph]
  • John Howard – former Prime Minister of Australia[FT]



  • JCB – manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment, third largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world[Politics Home]

Non-political figures

  • Katie Hopkins – columnist, currently famous for making a number of controversial remarks[Daily Mail]
  • Michael Caine – renowned actor, starred in The Italian Job and Battle of Britain[Huffington Post]
  • Duncan Bannatyne – businessman, known for appearing on Dragon’s Den[Twitter]
  • Tim Martin – founder of Wetherspoons[Business Insider]
  • Bernie Ecclestone – CEO of Formula One Group[BBC News] 
  • John Cleese – British comedian and actor[Evening Standard]
  • Julian Assange – founder of Wikileaks[ITV]




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